Easter baskets weren’t a huge thing for my family growing up, but they are something that we are having fun with now that we are parents. Any excuse to spoil our little lady, we gladly take it. But with that said, we are trying to avoid having a toddler hyped up on sugar this Easter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan of Peeps, but I’m trying to look for ways to have Easter be a candy-free holiday. I’m pretty sure if I looked in my cupboards I’d find some Halloween candy hiding in there. I don’t need to add to the stash. 

One thing that makes Easter shopping so much fun, is that it’s at the change of the seasons. It’s such an exciting time of year because it’s getting warmer outside so it’s a great excuse to buy some outdoors stuff that the whole family can enjoy. 

Here are my candy-free ideas to fill your Easter baskets this year!


Probably not a surprise that books are on my list of Easter basket ideas. There’sUsborne Books & More Easter Basket just so much you could do with this idea, a set of PJ’s, box of hot cocoa, a new fuzzy blanket, and/or a new stuffed animal and you have yourself a great bedtime kit! They say when your child changes clothing size that their brain has grown too so it’s a great time to get them some new books with the change in the season.  


I’m really a fan of this one and that’s why it made not only this list but also my toy-free gift ideas post. With Kris’s job taking him away from home so often I learned pretty quickly how valuable time really is. That’s why I love the idea of giving our kids our undivided attention while doing things like going to the state park, the aquarium, or the zoo. Making memories while our kiddos are still little and want to spend time with us.

Bubble Machine/ Bubble Wands:

Annaleigh has a new found love of bubbles! It takes about three seconds of being outside before Anna asks for bubbles. I would say that we spend most of our day outside playing with a bubble wand or the bubble machine if mommy’s arms need a break. Her love of bubbles has also helped me to trick her into taking a bath! ”Tubby bubbles” are the only way I can get her to literally run to the bathroom for bath time these days, and for me, that’s a total #ParentingWin. 

Rain Supplies:

Umbrella, boots, rain jacket, and any other rain supplies that work for your part of the world. I don’t know where you live, but here in Virginia, and especially in Vermont, rain supplies are a must! Rubber boots work great if you have to deal with the dreaded ’mud season’. This gift is also great because it’s not only practical, but they have some SUPER fun rain supplies for kids these days! 

Beach Sand Toys:

Even if going to the beach isn’t in your plans this spring/summer sand toys, Beach toysbathing suits and a kiddie pool could be a great staycation gift to keep your kiddos occupied in the upcoming warm weather!

Tackle Box/Fishing Pole:

When I was a kid I used to LOVE going fishing. While my little one is too little for fishing right now, I know my husband is counting the days when Annaleigh will sit still long enough to go fishing too.

Flashlights/ Camping Gear:

What kid doesn’t love flashlights? How fun would it be to give your kiddo a flashlight and include some camping gear for a fun trip! Even if it’s just camping in the backyard or build a fort out of blankets in the living room! PLUS if you want to secretly get your kiddos learning, Usborne has shine-a-light books that work with a flashlight! So not only do they get to play with the flashlight, but they also get to secretly learn with these amazing non-fiction books. Check them out here:


A New Bike:

Oh my goodness, we were walking through the store the other day and Annaleigh found the tricycles. Safe to say it was game over right then and there. I can still remember my first bike, it was 101-Dalmatians themed, and I cannot wait to pass that excitement on. While a bike might be a little hard to fit in a basket,  you can get pretty creative turning the helmet upside down and using that as the basket for anything smaller you wanted to give your kiddo! I’ve seen some pretty inventive ones over on Pinterest

Sidewalk Chalk/Art Supplies:

I always loved getting art supplies as a kid. While art supplies or even magic painting books (if you don’t want the mess) are so much fun and a great idea to

keep your kiddos occupied on rainy days. I think chalk is GREAT because it’s easy to clean up (spray it with a hose or let the rain take care of it for you), it’s getting your little ones outside, and it’s portable if you want to take some to the park with you!

Board Games:

Remember the time when the family game night was a thing? I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong era because my goal in life is for my family to have family game nights! I wish our families lived closer so we could give Anna the gift if time spent with all her loved ones in one place. But nonetheless, it’s still my goal to give her that family time even if it’s just Kris and myself. Did you have a favorite game growing up? For my family, we played a lot of Skip-Bo, Clue, Uno, and Yahtzee. 


What kid doesn’t love good old squishy play-dough?! Plus it comes in fun colorsPlaydough dinosuar and if you want to make your own you can work on colors too! My love of play dough became my love of Sculpey as I got older. Anyone else has a collection of baked Sculpey ”creations”? 


So there you have it! Ten candy-free Easter basket ideas! I’d love to know what your go-to Easter baskets are? Or does your family even make Easter baskets? 


Easter Basket ideas

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