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My guess is that if someone was to ask you who your favorite teacher was you could think of at least one pretty quickly. I am so lucky that over the years I’ve had a lot of fantastic teachers. One that stands out to me was my 1st and 2nd-grade teacher Mrs. Rich. Growing up I struggled with reading. I wasn’t diagnosed with Inspiration phrase for teacher appreciation. Written on chalkboard.being dyslexic until high school, and boy did I struggle early on. But, it was Mrs. Rich who stayed with me after school to help me really be confident at reading. I will never be able to look at a ’Frog and Toad’ book without thinking of her and her immense kindness.

It’s teachers like Mrs. Rich, that make me full heartedly believe that teachers should be celebrated more than one week out of the year for teacher appreciation week. They literally spend more time in a day with our children than we do! Which is why I wanted to write about how we can spoil the amazing teachers that our kiddos have. 

Who doesn’t love Target and Amazon?

If you are a superstar Pinterest Mama (or Daddy-o) than more power to you! But if you are short on time, or the idea of letting your child near the glitter makes you slightly break out in hives like me. Then I have three celebrate teachersgift certificate ideas for you. Personally, I love gift cards. If you are giving me the freedom to go shopping and buy what I WANT then I am more than happy! I especially enjoy how nowadays you have the option of the plastic gift cards or the virtual ones.  That’s one reason I love the idea of a Target Gift Card or an Amazon Gift Card. What teacher couldn’t have fun with a little shopping spree at either of those places?! Plus with them having the ability to be virtual gift cards you could easily just email it to them.


Can you guess my third gift card idea?

My third gift idea is, as you probably guessed it, is an Usborne Books & More gift card from me. I want to start off saying that this is something that I am personally offering, and it would need to be redeemed through me.

So how does it work?

It’s easy! First, you contact me here and let me know how much you would like your gift certificate to be. Then, I will send you either an invoice to be paid by PayPal or credit card, your choice. Once it has been paid, I will email you a pdf copy of your gift certificate like the example below.  You can either print it off yourself or email it straight to the teacher of your choice! Easy-peasy and no need to get dressed to leave your house, or get covered in glitter! Need it personalized? No problem, I’d be happy to personalize it however you’d like! 

Teacher appreciation week 

Looking for Gift Card for any and all occasions?

Are you more of a plastic card gift card fan? No Problem! We have plastic gift cards that would work for any occasion, not just teacher appreciation week, baby shower, birthday parties, holidays, etc. Feel free to contact me to help you with all of your gift-giving needs!


Gift card ideas for teacher appreciation week

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