Woah can you believe that it is already halfway through 2019! Crazy how time flies when you are having fun! I really love this month’s free digital wallpapers because to me, they scream SUMMER. Here in Virginia, it sure has felt like Summer already.  I’m pretty sure that every time I spend more than five minutes outside I start to melt. Which is one reason, I am super excited to head back to New England this month to visit some family. Time for some rest, relaxation, graduation fun, and a break from heat and humidity. YES, please! Does your family take summer vacations? Or maybe go on an outdoor adventure and set up a tent (yes the backyard counts)?

Alright, let’s get to the goods! This month’s free digital wallpapers to me were inspired by all the time I have already spent outside chasing my toddler down by our pond. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by flowers, and dragonflies. As well as snakes, frogs, SO MANY BUGS, and TONS of bunnies. But, this month I’m focusing more on the flowers, dragonflies, and of course the sunshine!

Here are your free digital wallpapers!

                                            digital downloadable wallpaper background for desktop and mobile computerdigital download mobile wallpaper background for iPhone or Android

Download Your Free Wallpapers Here:

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I really wanted these digital wallpapers to exude happiness. I don’t know about you, but the month of May was a little challenging for me. For some reason, I was just in a funk. I’m using the fact that we are halfway through the year as motivation to re-evaluate my word of the year, and get my butt in gear to reach my goals for this year! I hope that you enjoy these wallpapers as much as I do!



As always, with these wallpapers being up that means this month’s FREE birthdays giveaways are now up and running over in my VIP Facebook group! So if your kiddo has a birthday this month come on over to my Facebook VIP group so I can send your June baby some free happy-birthday-mail! And If you missed last months digital wallpapers you can find them here. 

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